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1. Is PluginR installed?

If you see a series of numbers from 1 to 10 below, this means that you have your already installed successfully in your Tiki site.
Otherwise, you need to install PluginR as admin by means of:

Or alternatively, install manually by

  • downloading PluginR from , decompressing it locally, and uploading the folders to their equivalent folders in the server side.

  • Accepted parameters in the version of PluginR installed in this system
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    Plugin Manager error: r plugin not found
  • Official documentation of PluginR - html
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    Erreur Plugiciel en attente d'approbation

    Ce plugiciel a été ajouté/modifié récemment. Son exécution ne sera pas possible avant que l'éditeur de site ne valide ces paramètres.

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